Along the shoots of the Vernaccia, following the history of the territory

Our story is like many others in the wine world, it is a family story. It keeps its roots in the beautiful ground of San Gimignano, just like our father, Mario, who still keeps his hands in this ground. And that makes this story special to us.

It was the very beginning of the Fifties when Mario, not yet an adult, worked in the fields already. Time and determination helped him to give birth to our firm, first just a breeding farm and then a real wine estate.

Il Colombaio di Santa Chiara turned into a winery in 2002, when our youngest brother, Alessio, had started his Enological studies already and wanted to put his efforts and passion to good use in this work. In that moment we all decided to join him in the wonderful and complex world of wine.

Step by step

Few years before we had purchased the San Donato Parish with its parsonage and fields. Our first, small wine cellar was built there, giving us the chance to begin our activity.
The older brothers – Giampiero and Stefano – were easily and happily involved in this adventure. We all enjoyed having the possibility of working together, day by day, experiencing the beauty of our land. Mario, our father, has always been there to help and to support us with his extensive knowledge of the vines.

Vernaccia di San Gimignano

A unique stage for a great monologue

We have been experimenting, testing, looking for the best way of giving value to our Vernaccia di San Gimignano. A unique stage for a great monologue, free of expressing the topic characteristics of our land. That’s what we keep searching for, every time and every year, thanks to the collaboration of our enologist, Nicola Berti. Shorter macerations, so as wines getting more and more balanced, are our main purposes.


New knowledge and ancient traditions

Here the new generation comes, and it brings new vitality and knowledge, blending with the ancient memory.