Listening to the territory

We have been making the territory speak, we have been listening to it, we have been supporting its vocation. We have been following the traces of tradition, finally getting to know the Vernaccia di San Gimignano, such a strong and sincere vine.
We love its honest ability of interpreting all the nuances of this territory, returning all the tones of its deep beauty. The wines our land gives birth to are not afraid of the time, and they know how to compensate the patience of a long wait. Deep and complex wines, with the freshness of an ageless landscape. Our task is respecting this vine, vinified as a single variety.

The vineyard, Mario and the grapevines

According to a long experience and trusting his instinct, Mario, our father, takes care of the working schedule in the vineyard. His sons are just like him, they know grapevines need constant attentions, they must be raised and helped. They also need to be respected, just like the ground they grow in. This is the reason for obtaining an organic farming certification.
For our red wines we also respect the vocation of the ground, exalting an historical vine, the Sangiovese, or migrant vines like Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

Our vineyards, different areas for unique wines

Our vineyards stand on the DOCG Vernaccia di San Gimignano soil for 21 hectares. Only a small part of this area is wooded. Most of the vineyard soil is composed of old Pliocene sands, clays, pebbles and gravels. They alternate older plots of land with cavernous limestones.


This name comes from the small Romanesque Parish standing above the vineyard, along the Via Francigena, where a Medieval settlement was located. Sands of the old Pliocene, locally composed of clays, pebbles, and gravels, are the geologic substratum of the soil.<br /> 2 hectares vineyard entirely dedicated to the Vernaccia di San Gimignano. Exposure to the south.


Locally named “Baciolo”, it is a small vineyard of 1 hectare, where the Cabernet Franc vines are located. Exposure to the north.


Close to San Donato, Pescille is the name of a 3 hectares vineyard with Vernaccia and Sangiovese vines. It stands in the southern area of the Commune of San Gimignano with a nice exposure to the south.


1,5 hectares vineyard standing below the San Donato Parish. The Campo della Pieve grapes come from here.


2 hectares vineyard named after the near Old Street (Via Vecchia) connecting Poggibonsi to San Gimignano. The surrounding countryside is full of vines and olive trees.


Quoting Armando Castagno in his book about the Vernaccia di San Gimignano (published by the Consortium of the San Gimignano Denomination), the Racciano place name comes from “Fundus Rasianus (lat.), name of the Rasinia people of Etruscan origin”. This vineyard, with eastern exposure, is 2,5 hectares large and it is entirely dedicated to the Vernaccia grapes. The Albereta grapes come from here.


This is our largest plot of land, 10 hectares wide and eastern exposure. It is historically considered one of the best grounds for producing the Vernaccia di San Gimignano grapes. According to Armando Castagno, Cotone is a name dated back to 1011 A.C. and coming from the term ``Cote``, which means ``large rock``. Our Vernaccia and Sangiovese vines are cultivated here.